Building Native Applications with Web Technologies

Jacob Schultz

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 at 6:00 PM (Pizza @ 5:15 PM)

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Building Native Applications with Web Technologies

Building native applications across multiple devices is a headache. Interfaces are tricky to implement, there are different languages across platforms, and it’s difficult to share a common code base. Web applications are great, but they lack native device access and performance. Cordova and Electron change all of that. Cordova allows applications for mobile devices to be created with HTML5 and Javascript, and Electron does the same for desktop. You are now able to write once, and deploy everywhere.

I’ll start by showing off some of the APIs included in both Cordova and Electron, and after we will create a basic application for iOS, Android and Mac that all share the same codebase. A variety of popular plugins will also be explored.

About Jacob Schultz

Jake Schultz is a Junior going to UWEC for Software Engineering and German. He started programming in middle school so he could make an app to help his friends with jailbreaking their iPhones. In addition to going to UWEC, he also works at JAMF Software doing salesforce (Apex) development for the support department. In his free time he enjoys working on personal projects, playing racquetball and snowboarding.

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