What every developer should know about compilers.

Ben Anderson

Tuesday, Septemeber 13th, 2016 at 6:00 PM (Pizza @ 5:15 PM)

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What every developer should know about compilers.

Understanding compilers and the theories behind them is useful to us as developers but not in its entirety, essential. Techniques used in compilers, such as lexical and semantic analysis, error handling and recovery, code optimization and finite automata are all used in our weekly, if not daily programming practices.

After giving an overview of some of these areas in compilers, we’ll take a look at a project in Ruby where we utilized lexical and semantic analysis with some user-input optimizations.

About Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson has been humoring the Chippewa Valley IT community since 2012 and is still going strong! He's currently employed with Mashable in New York, building and maintaining applications for 42 million monthly unique visitors. He may or may not have broke the entire website on his first day of employment.Though Ben does spend a lot of time learning the latest and greatest technologies; he reserves any other time away from the computer working on/restoring old vehicles.


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