Getting to Know Atomic Design

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Atomic design is a methodology composed of five distinct stages working together to create interface design systems in a more deliberate and hierarchical manner. We'll be getting to know the methodology and how to use it along side your web apps.

Atomic Design is all about breaking things down into smaller components. We are in an era of JavaScript development where the same concepts are being applied. Understanding Atomic Design can help you to write JavaScript in a more methodical manner.

While this talk will review some code, it is more focused on methodology.

Interested in checking out Atomic Design before meeting, check out the PatternLab Website at

About Adam Bezemek

Adam Bezemek is a self-taught front-end developer from LaCross Wisconsin who likes to make the interwebs look "pretty" and has happened to learn some pretty cool things over the past 10 years.

He's recently been presenting in the Twin Cities and is looking to start a user group in his area. You can follow his infrequent Tweets at @adambezemek.

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